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I am so bored.. Nothing to talk about, nothing to do, except look for a program that I can't seem to find.. Someone find corel drawing x3 for me... ok.. I'm going to continue being bored and lonely.. Maybe I'll watch some anime.. I've kind of been neglecting that hobby lately.. will post again if I have anything to say...

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well, apparently when I fall for someone I fall very hard, and I'm a bit afraid that the severity of my emotional attachment may be a bit off-putting to a certain someone. If so, let me know and I'll try to tone it down a little.. externally, at least.. the internal part I can't exactly control:P. I also apparently have a one track mind when I'm in a relationship as well, which even I don't particularly care for. It isn't like I mind thinking about David 24 hours a day, but I find it makes me much less interesting than I think I usually am when he's all I can think about.. I definitely have to work on that..

Oh, David fixed my air conditioner in my car before he left. Luckily it was a very minor problem(the fan had just come unplugged), but it also kind of made me feel like an idiot since that was all the problem was and I went so long without a/c because of it.. lol.. But I'm still really happy that I don't have to sweat my ass off every time I want to drive anywhere anymore... Now I just have to get the rest of my car's problems fixed.. like the oil pan gasket, the transmission fluid leak, the emergency brake light, passenger automatic seat belts... I wonder if there's a way I can replace the auto seat belts with manual ones.. that would be much preferred.....

I just got back from watching Ratatouille with my mom, step-dad, and Morgan. Morgan actually sat quietly and still throughout the whole thing, which was rather surprising, and I actually thought the movie was pretty cute.. Afterward we ate at bigfoot lodge. They're the ones that have the HUGE burger and if you can eat all of it by yourself within an hour it's free.. I think they've only had one person so far that could do it, and he was a professional eater... We didn't order the burger..^_^.

I have yet to hear anything back from U of M.. I applied online June 26th, and haven't even gotten an email saying they received it.. But I guess all I can do is wait.. And send them my transcript from Northwest. I'll try to get the request for that sent off tomorrow...
I just can't seem to sit still for very long, and I'm agitated because I want to do Something, ANYthing, but the person I want to do something with isn't here.... grrrrr.... I was hoping this time the two weeks would pass more quickly, but apparently time is going to slow down even more this time around.. Grrrr..... I need something to do!!!!! preferably something requiring getting off my ass...

my mood(since I can't put multiples elsewhere): agitated, restless, lonely, bored, annoyed, anxious, cranky, frustrated, grumpy, horny, irritated, and hungry(but too much of all the former to actually eat).....

I feel like I could be very impulsive right now... damn why does florida have to be such a long drive?????!!!!!!! grrrrrr.... damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if killing and/or disecting a small furry animal would help.... I feel that it might.. someone loan me a hamster.
I guess you can add sadistic to my mood as well....


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guess I'm not normal^_^

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Jul. 1st, 2007

Well, I just got back to my moms after being gone for almost 4 days straight. I'm so happy that David came back home for a little while, and even happier that I got to spend almost all of that time with him^_^. I really hope I can spend the night with him on a regular basis once he gets back for good. Even though I wasn't even there for 4 days his house started feeling like home to me.. It's going to feel so odd sleeping in my bed again... especially without him next to me. I'm going to be so lonely again without him here..

I realy wish he didn't have to go back to florida again, but at least I know he'll be back in two weeks, more than likely.. Interestingly enough, I didn't cry when he left. I guess because I did get to spend so much time with him and felt as though he wanted me to stay as much as I did.. It's nice to feel wanted(more than just sexually) by someone you love, and I think this is the first time I actually have...

Sometimes I feel like I care too much about him for my own good.. I hate jealousy, yet I can't turn it off.. Being just a tad paranoid doesn't help matters either, but I guess all I can do is trust him to do the right thing.

I think the main reason I was a bit insecure(which I'm not really anymore since even if he doesn't love me, I at least knows he cares about me a good bit)is because he is all I want in a man and I really don't think it'd be possible to find someone even the least bit comparable.. at least not someone who would actually be interested in someone like me.. But I sincerely hope that I'll never have to worry about that... I don't believe in soulmates, but if I did I wouldn't doubt that he's mine.

I really wish that I could've gone back with him. I was actually half serious when I said something about putting the carseat in the rental car.. I'm almost certain I would have strapped Morgan in and gone with him if he and his mom had said it would be ok..
So, I went to rekey Mandy's locks today. I thought I was smart enough to figure out how to remove the cylinder from the handsets on my own, but apparently it's one of those things that's really simple IF you know how to do it.. Well, Dave showed me how in a matter of seconds with one, and easily explained how to take apart the other(which you can apparently do without even removing the handset from the door. lol).. too bad it was the only one like that... So I'll be going back tomorrow, but I'm kind of glad as it will get me away from here for a while. Dave is supposedly sick today(just a little hoarse from what I can tell), so if he stays home again, all the more reason to stay at Mandy's for a while^_^.. Dave was being ok for a while, then a couple of minutes after he showed me how to disassemble the handsets, he all of a sudden got all pissed off and said through gritted teeth, "We must get this house clean. all of it. I need you to help! Now!". Let me just mention that the house was fairly presentable in the first place. Counters were clean, no dishes in the sink, and I had even just mopped the loom room.. But for some reason he all of a sudden decided that he was going to be all pissed off because the house was a "filthy mess". So I picked up a couple toys that the baby had drug out of her room, cleaned the toilet real quick, and started on the ONLY junky-looking spot in the house-My mom's desk.. Which I did as slowly as possible so I could look completely busy until he finished storming and stomping around the house, doing nothing himself except throwing a few[possibly important] things in the garbage........ but that's nothing new.:P

Surprisingly even after having to deal with him having one of his little bitch fits, I'm still in a decent mood.. very surprisingly.. lol..