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So, I went to rekey Mandy's locks today. I thought I was smart enough to figure out how to remove the cylinder from the handsets on my own, but apparently it's one of those things that's really simple IF you know how to do it.. Well, Dave showed me how in a matter of seconds with one, and easily explained how to take apart the other(which you can apparently do without even removing the handset from the door. lol).. too bad it was the only one like that... So I'll be going back tomorrow, but I'm kind of glad as it will get me away from here for a while. Dave is supposedly sick today(just a little hoarse from what I can tell), so if he stays home again, all the more reason to stay at Mandy's for a while^_^.. Dave was being ok for a while, then a couple of minutes after he showed me how to disassemble the handsets, he all of a sudden got all pissed off and said through gritted teeth, "We must get this house clean. all of it. I need you to help! Now!". Let me just mention that the house was fairly presentable in the first place. Counters were clean, no dishes in the sink, and I had even just mopped the loom room.. But for some reason he all of a sudden decided that he was going to be all pissed off because the house was a "filthy mess". So I picked up a couple toys that the baby had drug out of her room, cleaned the toilet real quick, and started on the ONLY junky-looking spot in the house-My mom's desk.. Which I did as slowly as possible so I could look completely busy until he finished storming and stomping around the house, doing nothing himself except throwing a few[possibly important] things in the garbage........ but that's nothing new.:P

Surprisingly even after having to deal with him having one of his little bitch fits, I'm still in a decent mood.. very surprisingly.. lol..

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